Brotex<sup>®</sup> 240

Brotex® 480

Higher Concentration

A post-emergent broadleaf herbicide (containing Bromoxynil) for use in wheat (spring and winter), barley, oats, flax (including low linolenic varieties), corn, fall rye, canary grass (for seed production), triticale, garlic, seedling grasses, zero till and seedling Alfalfa (established alfalfa for seed production only). Brotex 480 controls wild mustard, Lady's Thumb, green smartweed, stinkweed, common ragweed and many other broadleaf weeds.

Note: Brotex® 480 must be stored and transported at temperatures > 7° Celcius. Always shake well before using.

Active Ingredient / Group
Bromoxynil (Present as Octanoate Ester) / Group 6 Herbicide

Key Crops
Wheat (Spring, Winter)

Key Weeds
Buckwheat (wild/common)
Lambs' Quarters
Lady's Thumb

Always refer to the label for complete recommendations.

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