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January 18th, 2018
Ag Surf Original available in western Canada


Welcome to IPCO Online

IPCO is a Canadian co-owned and operated manufacturing facility with a long history of supporting the agricultural sector by providing safe and effective agrichemical products. IPCO strives to be the premier agrichemical manufacturer for its owners and commercial customers alike by offering high-level capabilities and many years of accumulated expertise in formulation and packaging. IPCO values its long standing relationships within the agricultural sector, and strives to grow them by utilizing key strengths, such as the ability to adjust to changing market demands, and successfully handle complex packaging requirements. Excellence in production and manufacturing is made possible with support from several in-house specialties including regulatory affairs and laboratory services. IPCO prides itself on being a good employer with long term employee relationships. A culture of safety and quality is paramount at IPCO, therefore the IPCO plant is ISO 9001 registered and stringently adheres to regulations set out by Health Canada and additional federal, provincial and municipal compliance requirements.